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Westlawn Youth Network is blessed with many partner churches and organizations.  Together we seek to reveal the Kingdom of God in our neighborhood.  We are grateful for good partners.  Below are just a few of the wonderful organizations.




Our primary partner is Westlawn Gospel Chapel whose youth ministry was the foundation and start of Westlawn Youth Network. Westlawn Gospel Chapel is the guiding entity for WYN.  What we do with WYN would never make sense without the support and leadership of Westlawn Gospel Chapel.



Circle Y Ranch summer residential camping facility licensed by the State of Michigans Department of Human Services.  Located in Bangor, Michigan on 140 acres of land, Circle Y serves youth throughout the Midwest many from the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. The mission of Circle Y Ranch is to provide wholesome camping experiences especially for urban children, youth, and adults, in a safe environment that fosters their spiritual, social and physical development. The Circle Y Ranch staff has God-given talents that allow them to engage youth and connect with them on their level, while at the same time providing safe environment, to increase self-esteem, build community and foster achievement through God-centered teaching methods. Circle Y Ranch has been a partner with Westlawn Youth Network and Westlawn Gospel Chapel for many years.

Click Here to learn more about Circle Y Ranch





We have a major thing in common with Crown; we share the same street! For many years WYN and CROWN have partnered with one another. Currently our staff volunteers in Crown classrooms weekly while also offering a variety of after-school programming for its youth.

Click Here to learn more about Crown.



Westlawn was actually Entrenuity's first client!  Entrenuity turns students into business leaders with character. Brian Jenkins, founder of Entrenuity has greatly influenced the Westlawn Gospel Chapel and we're thankful for our continual connection.

Click Here to learn more about Entrenuity, and Brian's latest book, Starting Up.

Click Here to learn more about Entrunuity.





La Villita Community Church is just 5 blocks from Westlawn Youth Network and yet many of our youth have never been by this church because they fear crossing racial barriers. We have deliberately worked together each year to collaborate between racially different churches for day camp. More than just camp we have partnered together for many years, exploring how we can each be a presence for Christ within and between our communities.

Click Here to learn more about La Villita Community Church




Urban Ministries, Inc. is the largest independent, African American-owned and operated Christian media company. UMI publishes Christian education resources, including Bible studies, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculum, books, movies, and websites designed for African American churches and individuals seeking a Christ-centered perspective on faith and life issues.  UMIs founder Dr. Mel Banks is an elder at Westlawn Gospel Chapel and a board member of WYN.  WYN is thankful for the partnership with Urban Ministries Inc. and the support and resources they have provided over the years.


Click Here to learn more about UMI


Churches of Parkersburg and Applington, IA

Thank you for your support and friendship to Shannon and the WYN team over the years.




Aaron and Martice Gray work with WYN while simultaneously running their own catering company, Covenant Catering.

Covenant Catering is known for excellence in areas of customer service and the use of only the finest ingredients. If you are interested in their services contact them directly at

Click Here to learn more about Covenant Catering





Thirty years of friendship is no small joke. CURE and WYN have partnered in many things, including CURE Winter Conference, and the CURE leadership conference.

Click Here to learn more about CURE.




Partnered since 1986, so many years of connection and friendship is hard to sum up. You'll just have to ask us!  But what we can tell you is that  this relationship began with Mark Soderquist meeting leaders of Westlawn Gospel Chapel, and them taking a chance in trusting him. A dynamic friendship has led to many connections, and experiences, including a trip to the Philippines. Today ITeams includes a visit to Westlawn Gospel Chapel in their worker training in to encourage the new workers to discover their own perceptions and stories in regards to race within the church.  

Click Here to learn more about International Teams



Racial division by neighborhood creates borders that are sometimes never crossed. Our youth could go their entire lives and never get to know youth from other neighborhoods. That is why each summer we deliberately collaborate with Nueva Vida Church to bring our day camps together regularly, including a week of residential camp away from the city. These relationships are meaningful! They cross the color line and we think that demonstrates the body of Christ in action.  


Click Here to learn more about Nueva Vida.





Wabash Friends Church and Westlawn share one of their favorite people: Amy Cortez. Amy grew up at Wabash Friends Church and now works full time with WYN. We are excited about the partnership between our two churches.


Click Here to learn more about Wabash Friends Church


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